DCC Annual General Meeting AGENDA Monday, January 29, 2018

Next board meeting March/April
In Attendance:
Carola, Heather, Michelle, Arlene, Charlene, Emily, Susan, Allison, Nicole, Betty, Kelly, Miranne, Francois-Pierre, Kathy, Sharon, Amy

1. Meeting Called to Order : 8:06 PM EDT by Carola

2. Approval of Agenda

-No additions noted
-Arlene motions to approve
-Kathy will second
-None opposed, motion carried

3. Approval of minutes AGM Feb 9 2017

-Have not been sent out, but are available on the website
-Betty motions to approve
-Kelly will second
-None opposed, motion carried

4. Executive Reports

- President Report
“Dear DCC Members,
Thank you all for dialing in to join us for the 2018 AGM.
There has been lots of changes in the club this past year! Thanks to Nicole we have a brand new website and on-line store with the ability to pay on line for just about everything! Our on-line store has done really well, with many non-club members shopping as well. Our Newsletter has a whole new look and get viewed and read by many.
I would like to thank Betty Pirs for her many years of service as DCC secretary. Thankfully she staying on the Board as Prairie Director. Heather Parsons has offered to take over for Betty as Secretary. Thank you Heather and we look forward to working with you!
Our Long Distance Program is in full swing, be sure to get your Distance Log in by January 31st to Cathy Stevens!
We are gearing up for the DCC 50th anniversary in 2019 and if you would like to part of that committee putting that specialty together, please contact Kelly Amos.
Last of all, I would like to send out a huge Thank you to all the Board members, your dedication to the breed and the Club does not go unnoticed and I always appreciate the time you take out of your busy lives to be present at the meetings.
Carola Adams
DCC President.”

-DCC 50th Anniversary 2019

-Financial Report (Carola)

Closing Balance $2,542.36
2015 Specialty $ 743.32
2019 Specialty $ 50.00
Available Club Money $1,749.04

– Heather Lipinski has resigned as treasurer. She has forwarded the report to Carola.
Revenue: $1572.81, Expenses: $2134.86, loss of $500. Bank account balance, $2542.36
Specialty money:$743.32+ $50 donation for 2019 specialty

-Question from Charlene – term deposit coming due Feb 2018 – current value in long term GIC, $9000

-Carola will compile past years finances for review.

- Secretary report

Heather Parsons took over from Betty Pirs. No need for a motion to accept

5. Directors reports

-BC- Arlene Pede

-Busy year for Dalmatians in BC:
-#1 Dalmatian in Canada in conformation Ch Estates Rockette, also #18 in group.
-Perdita’s a Parlay at Highgate, #21
-#1 Rally – Michael Pede, #12 in group
-No Obedience Dalmatians in BC this yea
-ON -Amy Boyle + Kelly Amos
-Dalmatians active in many sports in Ontario.
-Booster in September which was well attended.
-Looking at sites for 50th Anniversary next year for the National Specialty. Kelly may be sending out a questionnaire to see what events people are interested in seeing at the specialty. Will likely need some volunteers this year to prepare for matches, etc to be able to hold stand alone trials in conjunction with the Specialty. Kelly will compile a list of events from June – Sept and look at options.
We are currently only sanctioned for conformation, and are able to run a road trial (as it is not an official CKC event).

-QC – Francois Pierre Garant

-Thank you to everyone who attended the Specialty last summer. Great venue, big thanks to the volunteers.

-Prairies- Betty Pirs

-Booster coming up at Evelyn Kenny July 13, 2018, 3 matches/sweeps coming up in the next few months. BIS Dalmatian at the last AKC show!

6. Club Historian Update (Allison Merrit)

-Most of the back issues of Transcanadals are in and being scanned, they have about 2/3 of specialty catalogues, will post a list of which issues they are missing.

7. Transcanadadals update (Nicole Vandal)

-2017 4 regular issues and 1 special issue for the vote on the bylaw, average of 353 per issue, working on more sponsors for 2018. Revenue of $320 in advertising

8. Website update (Nicole Vandal)

-New website launched in 2017. Unable to track above 1,000 visits due to website package, each month has gone over 1,000 visits – mix of repeat and new. Online payment for membership is working well.
-Membership section has 24 people signed up.
-Online store has sold $645 including shipping, which effectively paid for the new website. ----- ---Currently working on items for the 50th Anniversary specialty.
-Reminder that the DCC logo can only be used with permission.
-New welcome package, new members will receive a package that includes a keychain with the DCC logo.
-Reminder to send Nicole info to be included in the breeder section.

-Francois reminds people to send him info if they have litters, as there are people reaching out looking for a puppy.

9. Distance Log Program (Cathy Stevens)

-Results for 2017:
8 dogs entered. 1 silver, and 4 bronzes. Each dog will receive a certificate and medallion. All 4 bronzes are Carola’s dogs, the silver is Cathy’s dog.

10. Versatility Program (Carola Adams)

-In 2017 , six awards were given out:
“Disney” owned by Catherine Selena, earning a VCX
“Ginny” earning a VC, “Nickey” earning a VCX, “Libby” Earning a VCX, all owned by Sharon Deboer.
“Sprite” earning a VC and “Kaos” earning a VC, both owned by Kelly Amos.

11. Constitution and By-Laws (Arlene Pede)

-Charlene had sent an email regarding constitution and by-laws.
-Charlene has offered to provide a copy of the constitution that has been reviewed by a lawyer.
-Carola has asked Charlene to send to Arlene.
-Arlene is looking into liability insurance.

12. Facebook Page (Nicole and Charlene)

–The Facebook page is the official DCC page. There are currently 309 members. Nicole’s role is to keep the page professional and remove any inappropriate posts. Charlene and Nicole had a discussion recently and agreed that Nicole will post information coming from the club, to ensure we are certain the board approved the info.
-4 admin: Charlene, Susan, Jennifer, Nicole
-Charlene adds that the pinned post had been changed. If people are seeking breeder recommendations Charlene asks that they be sent to the DCC website to receive breeder recommendations that are recognized by the DCC.
-Charlene reminds that we will still need emails to go out to the membership rather than relying solely on Facebook

13. Dalmatian Rescue

-No official rescue coordinator.
-Michelle Winters has been very active in Texas and in the Maritimes. She has offered to take over Dalmatian rescue in Canada.
-Michelle wants to put a proper framework in place so we know how to handle a dog coming into rescue.
-Nicole suggests a Facebook page dedicated to Canadian Dalmatians in rescue.
-There has been a Dalmatian rescue in Brampton since the early 90s. They have not recently had many Dalmatians that need homes (yay!).

14. Vacant Positions (Carola Adams)

-Heather Parsons has taken over Secretary.
-Club is very much in need of a treasurer. Somewhat more complicated now with the store sales.

 15.New Business:

Trophy Committee
-Charlene would like to develop a national trophy. We could look at future regional trophies as well.
Carola suggests that Charlene put together a committee and bring a proposal to the board at the next meeting.

Illustrated Breed Standard
-Nicole has corrected the image.
-Charlene points out that the images reflect the American standard, not Canadian, and that as a consequence some images are incorrect. Each section of our illustrated standard should match the CKC standard.
-Carola has asked Charlene to outline her concerns in an email and send to the board. Allison is willing to help clean up the images.

Meeting Adjourned

-Sharon moves to adjourn.
-Seconded by Mirran.

9:16 PM EDT meeting adjourned.

9:16 PM EDT meeting adjourned.

-All rights reserved 

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