2019 DCC AGM Agenda

Meeting called to order by Susan at 7:00 pm EDT, seconded by Brandy.

In attendance: Arlene, Susan, Miranne, Francois-Pier, Brandy, Heather, Sharon, Diane, Charlene, Carola, Alison, Nicole, Cathy, Wanda, Brandie, Audrey


1. Approval of minutes from AGM January 2018
Susan moves to approve AGM minutes from Jan 2018, Nicole notes they were already approved, none dissenting – minutes approved.

2. Executive Reports:

a. President’s Message (Susan)
Susan’s message is below: Just want to welcome all members who set aside time to call in and welcome to the DCC AGM for 2019. Having taken over the presidency less than a month ago, there is a chance that I might not be current on each individual members concerns. This meeting is to give the membership an overview of what the board is considering and where we are going. It is not a chance to express grievances or open discussion on individual opinions. We will try to keep it moving, if anyone has anything they want the board to address, they should contact their regional director or one of the executive. I want to thank everyone from the previous board for all the work they did and for making themselves available to answer questions and help out as needed. I also want to thank everyone who I have had a chance to work with in the past few weeks--the members who have reached out to offer suggestions and advice and the current board who have pulled together to make themselves available and work together. Think the big thing we all need to remember is that while we have individual opinions on what Dal best fits our very broad standard--we all are here for the same reason, because we care about the breed. I promise to take the time to listen and consider everyone’s input (though I also have other things so I can not promise to always do it immediately), what I ask from all members in return, is to give others the same courtesy that you wish to be accorded. Let’s get started and will try to keep the meeting moving so we do not spend all night on the phone.

b. Vice-President’s Message (Diane)
Diane wants to say “hello” to everyone, she has been in the breed for 30 years, and is looking forward to a good tenure as VP.

c. Secretary’s message (Heather)
It has been a learning experience and I want to thank everyone who has contacted me and helped out, particularly Betty and Carola who really helped me get going!

d. Treasurer’s Report (Sharon)
Jan 1, 2018, CIBC account $1181.85, GIC $9286.23. In February – transfer from GIC to bank account of $2000. Dec 31, $4730.17 in CIBC account, GIC $7286.23. Present balance in CIBC account $4974.94, GIC is $7286.23, balance in PayPal account is $100. All bills, dues, etc are paid up to date. Any questions/queries can be sent to Sharon directly.

e. Director’s Reports

i. Arlene
Arlene was happy to see more Dalmatians showing in BC, 5 have been showing in conformation and 1 in rally. BC has #1 Dalmatian in conformation (CH Estate’s Rockette), and #3 in Rally.

ii. Selena
Selena is not in attendance.

iii. Kelly
There are a number of Dalmatians in Ontario involved in many activities.
2 Dalmatians were in the top 10 Dalmatians in Conformation in Canada, Hazzard was #8 and Prices was #10.
These are the top 5 Dalmatians in Ontario;
CH Rockstar’s Haphazard (M) Owner: Heather Parsons Breeder: Pamela Fisher
CH Horizon’s Wildest Dream (M) Owner: David Walklate; Rebeka Findley, Cindy Bowman Breeder: Cindy Bowman
GCh PaisleyPela A Boy & Dog (M) Owner: Grace & Patti Pella Breeder: Grace & Pattie Pella
Ch Onsengeltje Secrets Enough (F) Owner: Elizabeth Measures Breeder: Carola Adams
Ch Pepperlane Reflections of Snowood (F) Owner: Meg Ispas-Hennessey & Sandra Alder Breeder: Meg Ispas-Hennessey
In Rally Obedience Random was the #1 Dalmatian in Rally in Canada, and #2 in the Non-Sporting Group: Rockstar's Chaos Theory Owner: Heather Parsons Breeder: Pamela Fisher
Random was #6 and Hazzard was #9 Dalmatian in distance jump in NADD (North American Dock Diving). Nike finished her Dock Senior title.
There are Ontario Dalmatians who are also titling in Scentwork, Sprinter, Barn Hunt and many other sports.
Congratulations to all!

iv. Francois-Pier
2 Dalmatians in Quebec finished the year in the top 10 for Conformation, both shown by owners. Of the 14 Quebec shows, 13 had at least 1 Dalmatian entered. Rosette finished #5, congrats to Sharon and Myley for finishing #4, Audrey and Chance for finishing #7, and Sharon and Nicki for #2 in Rally and Libby for #2 in obedience

3. Transcanadals Update (Nicole)
4. Website Update (Nicole)
5. Membership Report – how many members (Nicole) (#3, #4, #5 combined)
Nicole is looking for articles for the Transcanadals newsletter. 1855 readers for Transcanadals, $360 in ads. Nicole is working to keep the website up to date. $234 in profit for the website online store, and Nicole still has inventory. DCC currently has 67 members, increase of 23 over 2017.

6. Historian’s Report (Alison)
Transcanadals issues for 2018 have been added to the archives. Alison has not received the 2017 specialty information yet. She has been working on articles for the upcoming 50th Specialty. Reminder that anything is welcome

7. Versatility Committee Update (Heather)
Cathy, Maggie, Tiffany, Sharon,

8. Dalmatian Rescue (Michelle)
Michelle is unable to attend. Carola gave an update that Michelle has been in contact with several different owners regarding rescues.

9. Distance Log Update (Cathy)
We had 11 logs turned in this year. There were 1 platinum (1700 km), 2 gold (850 km), 1 silver (425) and 7 bronzes (170 km). These dogs will be awarded a certificate and medallion.
The 7 bronzes receiving a medallion and certificate and noted in the Transcanadal are:
Ch Onsengeltje Enough Said – Danny – Carola Adams
Ch Onsengeltje Secret Endeavor – Trevor – Carola Adams
Onsengeltje Never Enough – Oslo – Carola Adams
Onsengeltje JuJu Ready or Not – London – Carola Adams
Onsengeltje JuJu Get Ready – Paris – Carola Adams
Ch Femme Fatale of Dalmateys Spot – Star – Carola Adams
Bellwether & Patch Mt Charles Windsor – Charlie – Cathy Stevens
The silver receving a medallion and certificate and noted in the Transcanadal is:
Enchanted Hart N Juju Crossing Borders at Onsengeltje – Rahni – Carola Adams
The golds receiving a medallion and certificate with photo in the Transcanadal are:
Rockstar's Chaos Theory – Random – Heather Parsons
Rockstar's Haphazard – Hazard – Heather Parsons
The platinum receiving a certificate and plaque with photo in the Transcanadal is
Charm – Annalisa Piercy
All of the km from 2018 will continue to be used towards Platinum Levels (1700 km).
Congratulations to all.

10. DCC 50th Anniversary Specialty Update (Kelly and Heather)
Heather did the update on behalf of Kelly. She wanted to share that Kelly has done a ton of work getting ready for the DCC 50th Anniversary Specialty, including evaluating all the Ontario shows to find the best fit (as we are too small to do a stand alone event). Based on timing, venue, and ease of travel, the 50th Anniversary Specialty will be held in conjunction with the Barrie show on the August long weekend. Kelly has also done a lot of work looking for hotels, compiling judges lists, etc. Tiffany has already begun working to get prizes and donations. Kelly and Heather have been working with different area clubs to be able to host performance events before and after the specialty.

11. New Business
a. The CKC board received information from the Genetics and Medical Committee about Backcross Dalmatians at meeting September 8, 2018. This information can be found on page 24 of the meeting minutes http://members.ckc.ca/en/Portals/0/pdf/Membership/Minutes/2018-Sept-Minutes.pdf

b. Request for volunteers for judges education (Diane)
Anyone interested in being part should contact Diane – there will be qualifications necessary to join the committee. Because this is judges education, the committee will be looking for people who have had a dog in the top 10 within the last 5 years. If someone feels an exception should be made based on their personal history and experience, they can connect with the committee to discuss further.

c. Request for volunteers for Dalmatian/ Backcross Dalmatian information brochure (Heather)
Susan has had some feedback from different DCC members, from both sides of Dalmatians/backcross Dalmatians – this will be tabled until the board is able to discuss further and decide whether this is under the mandate of the club. She thanks everyone for their interest.

d. Request for volunteers for new “How to Find a Breeder” resource (Susan, Kelly, Diane)
Susan is interested in developing “how to find a breeder” resource for new owners. This would not be an endorsement for a breeder, a bloodline, or what a contract should/shouldn’t have. Susan is asking any member interested in being part of this committee to contact her directly.

e. Request for volunteers for Illustrated breed standard update (Susan)
Susan is looking for people who are established in the breed and have experience in going over dogs. We need to ensure this is representative of what a Canadian Dalmatian should look like. For people who are interested, or who have a member they would suggest, please put names forward to Susan. She will not be running the committee, but will facilitate it until they get going.

f. Vacancies – Maritime Director

If people are interested in being a Maritime director, or a 2nd director in Ontario, please reach out to Susan.
Diane moves them meeting is adjourned, Miranne seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:27
pm EDT.

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