DCC Board Meeting


Tuesday December 12, 2017

1. Meeting Called to Order - 9:06 pm Atlantic Time

i. Miranne, Betty, Kelly, Nicole, Carola, Arlene, Francois, Amy

2. Approval of the Agenda - motion to approve Nicole, seconded Arlene, Motion carried


3. Approval of Minutes of October 3, 2017 Board Meeting -

• inadvertently neglected to take vote at Meeting.

• Approved via email December 13 - Motion to approve by Miranne, Kelly seconded, Motion Carried


4. Business Arising from the Minutes

Bylaws & Constitution

 Constitution/Bylaws vote results - TCD/Nicole

 completed - TCD will go out at end of December

 creation of final constitution/bylaw document - Carola


• Constitution/Bylaws

 Discussion re voting rights prior to Constitution/Bylaws being changed.

 Arlene moved that members having voting status before the Constitution/Bylaws changed and not a member of CKC will be grandfathered and retain their voting status. Miranne Seconded Motion Carried

• Vacant positions:

• Secretary - discussion. Heather Parsons to volunteered to try for the year until the election unless someone else wanted the position  Board has accepted. Betty to notify Heather.

 Prairie Director - Betty see below 

 Maritime Director - Vacant

 Treasurer - Vacant

• DCC Facebook Page Update - Nicole

• changed the official picture, etc, all going well, hasn’t had to remove many posts

• Bonnie sent email expressing concern that some members may be blocked -

  Nicole checked and advised Bonnie that it was not the case

5. Executive Reports

• President’s Report - none

• Treasurer’s Report

Update from last meetings discussion - Carola

 Helen is resigning as Treasurer - haven't received it in writing yet.

 Miranne dealing with ThunderBay bank to straightened out - once done Carola can set up a new account.

Carola set up new paypal account and resolving issues with old paypal account. Still need to get cheques, etc

• Helen will send all records to Carola.

• Once Carola can get an access card for the bank account can start reducing bank fees

. Carola will get information on the GICs.

• Sharon Debor has sent two cheques for 2016 and 2017 and cheques are probably stale dated.

• wont know the status of the books until we see them. Will need to undertake outstanding independent review at that time.

• Carola will prepare a financial report from AGM to AGM

• Treasurers report - mistake under expenses - right hand column - says 670

should be $743.21 - total expenses - specialty loss - the show deposit was

returned was $1000

• opening balance was carried over from last submission

• Nicole is keeping spreadsheet tracking income coming in (payments, etc)

• Betty moved, Nicole seconded to accept Treasurer Report - Motion carried

• Secretary’s Report

• Betty is stepping down from this position at end of December 2017.

 “I have enjoyed working with everyone in this capacity very much. However, I find I have to take some things off my plate and can’t do the position justice at this time. So I will be stepping down at the end of December but am always available 

to help in any way I can. I know

Heather will do a great job for the Board and the Membership.”


6. Correspondence

• See Agenda items re Hybrid Backcross Dalmatian Designation, emails

distributed - received emails from MaryLynn Jensen, Cindy Maloney, and

Bonnie Hetherington

7. Old Business:

• 2017 DCC Specialty - Francois

• financial report document - specialty went well, disappointed with low entries but not too bad for Quebec,

had help from Nicole, a huge job, very well organized, Francois did a great job, prizes were great



• Kelly Moved to accept specialty financial report, Arlene Seconded, Motion Carried


 DCC Webpage Update - Nicole

• new website and online store

• working fine - new member applications coming through website, we have

covered the fee for the website, going well

• online store financial report

• board members should share notices of new products etc on their pages  every time it means a sale

• discussion re whether logo’d items should only be sold to members - not considered an issue at this time - free publicity

• performance events survey - Nicole - didn’t get a lot of response - 13 - all positive - number is low - asked for the survey to be placed on the K9 performance page - but they didn’t approve it. The members who answered

the survey were very interested - were interested in working on the required events


Welcome Package - Nicole/Betty - discussion about draft welcome letter and pin. Kelly will put documents in the cloud and send us a link so we can all edit. Nicole will look at alternatives for pin.


Distance Program Update- Carola(Cathy Stevens)

• Document - the addition of slow-moving motorized vehicles and the newest  version of the log

• Motion to add in slow-moving recreational vehicles (some people may have mobility issues, etc)

• Nicole moved, Kelly seconded, motion carried

• Cathy will update documents and send to Nicole for TCD and website

TCD Newsletter Report Standing Item - Nicole

• looking for articles - front page is sold - need health articles

• next TCD end of December

2019 DCC 50 Year Anniversary National Specialty - Standing Item - Kelly

• Committee/volunteers

• auction

• goal is to get something rolling in January - Kelly will be contacting people re committee - look at locations, etc

DCC Historian Report - (Alison Merrit)

• Carola forwarded old TCDs, specialty catalogues, and top twenty catalogues,emails etc. all should forward any old material they have.

• Betty Moved to accept the historians report - Miranne Seconded - Motion Carried

DCC Historian’s Report November 2017

The remaining items, consisting of the following, have been received from the vice-president, so all of the club’s archival materials are now collected in one location.



The Dalmatian. Eleanor Frankling 4th Edition. 1974

Practical Dog Breeding And Genetics. Eleanor Frankling 5th Edition. 1975

The Dalmatian – Coach Dog, Firehouse Dog. Alfred and Esmeralda Treen. 1980

How to Raise A Dalmatian. Arthur Liebers. 1959

Stop! Sit! And Think. Charles Eisenmann

Breeding Better Dogs. Kyle Onstott. 1974

Chicagoland Dalmatian Pedigree Book 1977

Chicagoland Dalmatian Pedigree Book 1980

The Dog Breeder’s Pedigree Book. S.M. Chin, Dalpride Reg’d pedigrees

Work is continuing to prepare for scanning Transcanadals and Specialty catalogues.

Alison Merritt

8. New Business

• Betty to send email to membership with link to online membership renewal and Nicole to place in TCD - note to reference constitution changes


• Proposal to hold a booster at the July Evelyn Kenney KC in Alberta - Bonnie Hetherington

 documents (2) - request letter and poster

•Arlene Moves to approve booster, Nicole Seconds - Motion Carried

• DCC is not able to provide for any funds (ribbons or prizes)

• Associate Member Fees - Nicole/Carola

• People can join club as an associate member if they are not CKC member. The rationale is that this will give people an opportunity to get involved and they will obtain CKC membership. They have all the privileges of a regular

member but cannot vote. Fee set it at $15 plus $2 service charge - $17

• Miranne Moved that associate member fee be $17 as noted, Arlene Seconded, Motion Carried


• New Members -

 Associate Member - Michelle Raoul Winters, N.S.

 Individual Member - Dara Ashton, BC

 Individual Member - Brandie Maitland, AB

 Individual Member - Brandy. Dobson, AB

 Individual Member - Samantha. Powell, AB

 Individual Member - Marjorie. Bird, Ottawa, Ontario

 Accepted - to be published in TCD - accepted after 30 days and will be sent welcome letter.


• Christmas ECard proposal - Nicole

 email & pictures

 send red card to all members - from Board

• Dalmatian Club of America Foundation - Betty

 Betty moves DCC makes a donation to DCAF subject to availability of funds  Miranne seconded - motion carried unanimously


• Place on Order paper (attached to meeting) so its reviewed at every meeting

• piece for TCD - Betty

• Board Officers/Directors Insurance - Arlene

• no insurer will insure a club if you’re not registered under the society’s act or incorporated

• we have 42 members

• we should look into registering as a nonprofit under the society act - can register federally, one time fee?

• need to submit change of officers and revised constitution to CKC - Betty

• insurance issue is stalled until we figure out how to apply for nonprofit status

 Arlene to call CKC and see what they recommend

• Versatility Program - Carola

 proposal from Versatility Chair - document

 proposal - Heather Parsons - document - forward to Carola again

• table to next meeting

• Nicole to put in TCD looking for a chair for the program

• LUA Dalmatian Issue - table to next meeting

• Proposal for CKC unique identifier for Hybrid Backcross Dalmatians (LUA) proposed by Charlene Maines

• CKC Response to Charlene’s proposal

• Complaints against Charlene Maines for unauthorized use of images of dogs by Mary-Lynn Jensen, Cindy Maloney, Kathy Clark, Bonnie Hetherington

• see documentation/emails provided under separate email

• Question - does the Board wish to engage with the CKC on creating a unique prefix?

 table to next meeting - more time to consider issue and documentation

• Marilynn Jensen and Cindy Mahoney (Non members) - Betty to develop response for Board review thanking them for their correspondence and that it is being considered by the Board. - Betty

• Correspondence from Bonnie (Member) - Betty to draft acknowledgement and include excerpt from constitution that lays out process for a formal complaint - Betty

• DCC Rescue Facebook Page - Betty (proposed by Diane Fast) - table to next meeting - Carola - Michele Winters has been doing rescue for 20 years - she has a maritime dalmatian rescue, she is very interested in spearheading

dalmatian rescue - have to wait until after the 30 days expires after publication in TCD - table to next meeting to vote her in.  Carola will ask her to talk with

Nicole to sync up look and feel on FB page.

• DCC Breeders List - Betty and Carola to bring back something - email a basic form to membership for members who wish to be listed as breeders by province initially. Ability to register to be on the member only section of the website as we are hoping to set this up for members to update their info themselves - selfservice after initial form

• Code of Conduct - Betty - table to next meeting

• Letter for Board Members answering “what does being a member of the DCC give me” - Nicole - same as Welcome letter - Kelly

• Use of Google Hangouts for Club Business - Kelly Amos

Can speak to up to 10 people. Need gmail account. Discussion try for a short meeting prior to AGM - everyone send a gmail account to Kelly



• Discussion on Prairie director position

the LUA discussion will take some time .Due to the perception of or potential conflict of interest, it was proposed that the Board retract the March 23, 2017 motion to appoint Charlene Maines as prairie director as provided for under

Roberts Rules of Order. Nicole Moved. Miranne seconded. Motion Carried unanimously


• The Board discussed alternatives for the period up to the next election. The Board asked Betty Pirs if she would stay on in the Prairie Director role for that period. Betty agreed Kelly Moved to approve Betty as Alberta director for balance of term, Miranne Seconded - Motion Carried


Next Meeting: Betty to try to find a short meeting time prior to AGM 

Meeting adjourned : Meeting Adjourned 9:36 Alberta Time


• December 12, 2017 Board Meeting

• Dalmatian Club of America Foundation

Moved DCC makes a donation to DCAF of at a minimum $500 subject to availability of funds  Miranne seconded - motion carried unanimously


 Place on Order paper (attached to meeting)

-All rights reserved 

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