DCC Board Meeting

Tuesday December 17th
9pm EST


Approval of last meeting’s minutes

Rescue Update (Michelle)

Year End Treasurer’s report (Sharon)

Past Financials/Plan of action (Susan)

DCC Specialty wrap up (Kelly and Heather)

2021 Specialty Planning

Membership/online story update (Nicole)

Versatility award winners (Heather)

AGM 2020 (Heather)

Judge’s education (Diane)

Michelle: seeing a lot of people looking for Dalmatians, also dealing with two backyard breeders in her province. She is hoping DCC can organize and have a framework to help dogs that come up, and to network between breeders/rescue to help people find dogs. 
Michelle is suggesting a regional coordinator in each province. This person would lead reference checks/home checks, etc – then help to match people with dogs. One active person per province.
Diane: Has had lots of experience with Dals and rescue, she is reminding that rescue requires fundraising. Diane believes breeders should always remain responsible for any dogs they produce – rather than relying on rescue. Diane believes there needs to be some guidelines and priorities for a rescue endeavour. Suggests that the rehoming coordinators be ready and willing to work with each other for fundraising.
Arlene: they did a modified version of rescue in BC, where shelters kept the dogs, but the rescue coordinators would work to vet homes and find the right match. Arlene believes there is interest within the DCC – just needs guidelines as well. Arlene particularly likes the idea of having a central list of Dalmatians who are available – she is regularly getting requests for where to find a Dalmatian.
Susan: suggests that Michelle reach out to the membership (via Transcanadals and the DCC FB page) to look for volunteers in each province, then come back with a suggested plan for our next meeting in January. Wondering if the Brampton based rescue is willing to work with the DCC. Suggesting based on the size of the country/distance between us, could we work with a name like “rehoming coordinator”.
Michelle: willing to spearhead the effort with DCC and seek volunteers across Canada.

Meeting called to order: 931 pm (following rescue update from Michelle)

Minutes approved from last meeting. Seconded by Diane.

Sharon: Financial Update: $3274.16 in the bank, GIC $7505.66, Paypal $37; 4 memberships renewed for 2020. $150.86 transferred from Paypal to the bank to reflect the memberships that have been renewed. Sharon is waiting on the finances from the National Specialty. Kelly will have the finances from the Specialty by January 17. Sharon has paid Nicole for the website for 2020, insurance is paid-up. Address for insurance has been moved to Ontario but if it stays there we will be charged taxes –needs a new address, Diane will be the address (Manitoba).
Susan: Past Financials/Plan of Action: Susan would like a lawyer to review the drafted letter before it is sent to everyone who was on the board during the time that the financials are missing. Once she is confident that there are no concerns with the letter, she will send it out via email, first, then as a certified letter to anyone who doesn’t respond via email. It is important that we do the due diligence to gather the missing financial records. 

Specialty wrap up – tabled (Kelly unable to attend tonight)

2021 Specialty Planning: Important that the specialty be unifying.

Membership/online story update: tabled as Nicole is unable to attend

Versatility update: 5 dogs have achieved a new versatility title! Sharon (Myley), Salena (Pixar), Kelly (Nike) and Heather (Hazzard and Random). These results will be published in Transcanadals. Susan reminds that she has put out a call for any comments/suggestions. She will send out a proposal for updates and we will vote on it for next meeting.

AGM 2020: Susan proposes we set AGM for late Jan/early Feb. Sharon suggests late January. 

Judges Education: Diane: Heather has sent out the PPT deck of Dalmatian education. Please review and send comments to Diane.

Next meeting is tentatively set for Wednesday January 22nd 2020, 8 pm EDT.

 Meeting adjourned at 1002 pm by Diane, seconded by Arlene.

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