DCC Board Meeting

Tuesday December 4th
8pm EST

1. Insurance update (Sharon)
2. Year End Treasurer’s report (Sharon)
3. DCC Specialty update (Kelly and Heather)
4. DCC 50th Anniversary events (Kelly and Heather)
5. Versatility Committee update (Heather)
6. AGM date (Heather)
7. Revisit proposed standard changes (Miranne)
8. Goodbye and thanks to the leaving Board members!


Meeting called to order: 806 pm
In attendance: Arlene, Kelly, Miranne, Nicole, Sharon, Carola, Heather

1. Insurance update (Sharon) – Sharon contacted BFL Canada, everything is in order. Liability coverage started Nov 30 2018, and will renew in June. $490.50 sent via cheque. Sharon has all the paperwork.

2. Year end treasurer’s report (Sharon) – Jan 1 2018, we started with $1181.85, and a GIC – in February it came due: $9286.23. $2,000 was deposited into the CIBC DCC account, $7,286.23 went back into a GIC. We currently have $4996.24 in the bank account and a GIC of $7286.23 3814.39 income, meaning a profit of $1814.39 (from membership and the DCC online store). Sharon motions for Kelly to receive $1,000, as an advance to for Specialty planning. Arlene seconded. All in favour, none opposed. Motion carried.

3. DCC Specialty update (Kelly and Heather) – the DCC Specialty will be held in conjunction with the Barrie show at the Orillia Fairgrounds on the August long weekend (August 3-5th, 2018, Specialty will most likely be on the Sunday) this is part of a cluster. Heather has reached out to the Red Barn facility (nearby) for Sprinter and Obedience/Rally and Northequest (NADD facility nearby) for Dock Diving and Barn Hunt.

4. DCC 50th Anniversary events (Kelly and Heather) – Kelly would like to make our 50th year a year-long celebration. She is proposing that we hold a series of fun events (picnics, fun matches, costume contests, etc.) to increase involvement of the DCC membership across Canada. Kelly also proposes that some of the original TCD articles be re-run throughout the year. To move forward we would need local directors to head up events (with other local members helping out). We will put a call out in the year end Transcanadals..

5. Versatility committee update (Heather) – Versatility committee (Sharon, Cathy, Maggie, Tiffany, Cindy, Heather) has been working diligently to update the versatility program. We have had
some great discussions and are in the final stages of crafting a proposal for the new board to vote on. The proposal will be brought to the board at the January meeting.

6. AGM date (Heather) – AGM on Sunday January 20th 7 pm EDT.

7. Revisit proposed standard changes (Miranne) – at the August meeting we tabled this to allow board members to review. Suggestion to form a committee to review the proposed changes and bring a recommendation to the board. Sharon and Nicole will be on the committee, and will reach out to other board members (and incoming board members) to round out the committee.

8. Goodbye and thanks to the leaving board members! – Heather to download CKC change of officers form, fill, and submit. HUGE thanks to all the board members who will not be on the board in 2019 – their hard work to keep the club viable is much appreciated.

Meeting adjourned 905pm EDT.

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