Board meeting 

January 26, 2020



Phone In attendance: Arlene, Sharon, Kelly, Diane, Heather, Susan, Nicole


 1. Approval of Agenda and Quorum Nicole moves to accept and approve minutes of last meeting, Diane seconds, no one opposed. 8:00 pm EDT


2. Management •

•Financial Report-treasurer (Sharon Debor) Started the year with a balance of $4748.17, closing balance was $3270.16. Total withdrawals $2473.50, total deposits $903.49, running a loss of $1570.01. The Specialty has replaced the $1000, which leaves a loss of $570.01. The closing PayPal balance as of Dec 31, 2019 was $189.13. GIC started Jan 1st , 2019 at 7286.23 ended Dec 31, 2019 at $7505.66. Sharon and Susan will prepare detailed financial records for the membership at the AGM


• Susan will update membership list and will verify life members contact information. There are four new members to vote on, a special issue of the TCD will be issued to announce the new potential members. There were no sales for the DCC online store in 2019. Nicole will do a Facebook announcement to help draw attention to the store for members.


• Specialty wrap up (Kelly Amos) There are some left-over items that Kelly will be auctioning, and a video that will be sold, which will also contribute to the profit of the National Specialty. $65 was raised by the costume contest, to be split between DCAF and the CKC Foundation. Kelly motions that this $65 be raised to $100 out of the National profits to be able to split 50/50 ($50 each). Diane seconds. No one opposed.


• status report on rescue (Susan Saul) Michelle is unable to continue with her plan to head up a rescue initiative. There will be a call for a volunteer at the AGM.


3. Updated Versatility Rules


• Update, suggestions, and vote (Susan Saul) Discussion regarding the suggested change, CKC CH has been moved back to 3 points – in-line with the AKC CH. Kelly moves that the changes are accepted (with the CKC CH at 3 points), seconded by Sharon. No one opposed.


4. Judges Education


• Questions, comments and feedback (Diane Fast) Great feedback from the board, very valuable judge’s education information.


5. Draft letter for tracking past financials


• Suggestions and approval for sending (Susan Saul) No concerns from the board about the draft letter. Nicole moves that we move forward with the letter, Sharon seconds, no one opposed.


6. LUA and CKC

• follow up or not? The Board discussed this topic and members in attendance agreed that we would bring the topic up with CKC as a club.


7. Varia Website needs to be updated, some material is missing. Susan is going to assist Nicole.


8. Adjournment and date of AGM – tentatively scheduled for Sunday March 1 at 8 pm EDT. Meeting adjourned by Kelly, seconded by Diane, no one opposed. 9:00

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