What does being a member of the DCC give me?


First it is being part of a community that loves Dalmatians.   This community has members from all walks of life, have varied levels of experience and time in the breed, have different levels of knowledge about Dalmatians, and who are interested in a variety of activities.


As a member of this community:

You  have  voting  rights  so  you  can propose  new  ideas that would improve the club 's activities;

You   can  participate  in  the  Versatility  Awards  program    and   the Distance log program.

We  are   working  to get our  CKC accreditation for Obedience, Rally and   Agility but to achieve that we need volunteers willing to organize Dalmatian  sanction  matches  in  the  3  categories. We  are currently doing   a   survey   to   determine   the   motivation of Dal's  owners to participate .

More  members  =  more local,  regional  and  national  activities.

It always takes volunteers to organize and put them on. 

You can also be a volunteer for different positions like;

 - preparation of the 50th anniversary of the Club, 

 - get  involved  in  boosters,  the National Specialty , or  apply for any  

   position  on  the  Board   of   Directors ( elected position ). 




Why become a Dalmatian Club of Canada (DCC) member?


Joining the Dalmatian Club of Canada makes you part of a community that is united in their love of the Dalmatian.  Spread across Canada, from a multitude of backgrounds, our dedication to the breed unites us.  Whether this is your first dalmatian (or you are just contemplating getting one) or have been active in the breed for decades, there is a place for you in the DCC !



As a DCC member:


  • You  get a say in how the club is run and what it offers


  • You can participate in programs offered by the club including the distance log and the versatility award


  • More  members  =  more local,  regional,  and  national  activities!


  • You choose your level of involvement, volunteering not only for club positions, but also getting involved in outreach, show and trial planning for boosters and the National Specialty) and helping to educate others about the breed


  • Being part of the Dalmatian community will help keep you informed on new research into health issues that impact the breed


  • The opportunity to promote your dog’s achievements, big and small, in TransCanaDals, the official DCC newsletter

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