The Dalmatian Club of Canada is recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club. It is an organization of primarily Canadian breed enthusiasts and welcomes international members.

The Dalmatian Club of Canada was formed in 1969 and is recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club. The DCC consists primarily of Canadian breed enthusiasts but does have a good number of US and European members.

The club promotes the breed through an annual Specialty show and several boosters throughout the year, held under the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club. Sportsmanship is encouraged at all conformation, obedience and road trials alike.

The club newsletter "Transcanadals" is published periodically to provide members with breed specific and also general topics of interest.

Members of the DCC are strongly encouraged to follow the club ethics when breeding their dogs to promote physically and mentally sound Dalmatians. Another goal of the club is to aid and assist members and non-members in further knowledge and information of Dalmatians this, of course, includes the education of the prospective puppy buyer.

The Dalmatian Club of Canada is currently working on establishing a national rescue program in addition to those breeders that do take the time to attempt to find homes for rescue cases.

Please ensure that a Dalmatian is the right breed for you before you make a commitment to the breed through the purchase of a puppy. Also, ask your breeder about returning your puppy, should he/she not be suitable for you, and do make sure that you have a written contract that gives you specific rights and guarantees.

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